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Download free Job Descriptions or register for a survey now

Free Job Description - Pharmacy Assistant

Free downloads of Job Description, Interview Guides for Experienced and In- Experienced Pharmacy Assistants. Having a good Job Description for your most common staff role is critical. Hire the right people by using ProScan©.


Free Interview Guide - Retail Manager

Retailer Manager is the key OTC role in Pharmacy. Getting the right person to drive the non-dispensary part is business critical. An interview guide helps the process. You'll also find a Job Description, template letters and the Interview Guide. They are all free. Make getting the right person easier by having the most likely candidate complete a ProScan© survey.


Free Template Letters – Stock Controller

The importance of finding the right person to manage and control your largest expense can’t be under stated. Template letters can help speed the process of finding a new Stock Controller. Not only that, but we also have a Job Description and an Interview Guide - all free! Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person by doing a ProScan© survey.


ProScan© Fact Sheet

Discover some key facts about ProScan© and how the process works. This is a simple one page document designed to give you more confidence in the outputs. Experience the benefits of ProScan© a detailed 20 page document, a phone call and 'read back' for 20 minutes or an e-mail summary. Invest in your business now by registering and get the right people in the right roles.