How does ProScan© work and what do I get?

ProScan© is fast and easy to use. Simply register here, enter a few contact details and one of team will be in touch shortly.

The person undertaking the ProScan© survey will be e-mailed a link. Simply complete the survey, which takes around 15 minutes and you are all done. It is that easy. The survey is not a pass or fail. It simply explains what you are like and if applicable, how well suited you are to a particular role. It is a non-confrontational survey.

As soon as the survey is completed you and the candidate (and whoever else you nominate) are e-mailed a pdf file of the completed survey. There is a lot read and understand, so to make life easy, we offer a service that is what truly makes ProScan© the success it is today – a read back. One of our highly trained team will call you to talk you through the results and how well suited this person is to the role they are being considered for, or the role that they are currently performing. If you don't have time for a phone call, you can choose to have an e-mailed summary instead. It's your choice.

Consider the value that ProScan© offers:

Compared to other similar offerings you get a more specific assessment, more follow up for an extremely competitive price. To make sure it suits your team, you can undertake an assessment yourself. You might be surprised at the opportunities you have to build your business even more.

ProScan© focuses on strengths and motivators to help employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale and productivity. ProScan© is a non-threatening, quick, easy and reliable survey tool that is one of the most advanced instruments available. The survey examines combinations of specific traits that affect how the person works, communicates and reacts under stress. As a result, your company can produce better results, improve staff retention and literally save tens of thousands of dollars in lost sales from people not suited to selling.

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About ProScan©

ProScan© isn't all new. In fact it has a long and proud history. Originally designed in the mid 1980's, the process has been refined with over 4 million surveys conducted. It is used by esteemed organisations such as the major governmental agencies, manufacturers, banks, hospitals, insurance companies, law firms, banks, retailers and others around the world. Some of the organisations that use ProScan© are world famous and immediately identifiable. You might recognise global giants like GE and pharmacy retailer Watsons who have branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Hong Kong.

What makes ProScan© different is that it isn't just an assessment tool – it matches people to specific jobs. You can use this site to match a candidate for a specific job role. For example, if you need a new Retail Manager, ProScan© will tell you how likely it is you are hiring someone who will best fit the Retail Manager role and what their strengths are.

ProScan© uses the four cornerstone behavioural traits. The traits are well recognised in psychology and confusingly, will be referred to under different names by different organisations, but the names all refer to the same thing. These traits tell us how people behave and how they are likely to behave. It will tell you how you behave.

Dominance: The take charge trait

Extroversion: The people trait

Pace: The patience trait

Conformity: The systems trait

Take Charge TraitPeople TraitPatience TraitSystems Trait
High Dominance

High Dominance Direct, decisive, innovative, competitive, gets results and exert or challenge authority Low Dominance Supportive, moderate, collaborative

High Extroversion

Articulate, enthusiastic, interactive, persuasive and influential, seek opportunity, build teams and delegate technical tasks

High Patience

Steady and consistent, persistent and dependable, cautious about change

High conformity

Structured, accurate, loyal, follow and maintain established systems and procedures perceived to be right.

Low Dominance

Supportive, moderate, collaborative

Low Extroversion

Contemplative, private and imaginative

Low Patience

Spontaneous and versatile, action oriented with sense of urgency

Low Conformity

Independent, value personal freedom and minimal external controls

These elements are then reported across five different sections:

The reports provide information describing:

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ProScan© Fact Sheet

Discover some key facts about ProScan© and how the process works. This is a simple one page document designed to give you more confidence in the outputs. Experience the benefits of ProScan© a detailed 20 page document, a phone call and 'read back' for 20 minutes or an e-mail summary. Invest in your business now by registering and get the right people in the right roles.