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Welcome to the ProScan© Personal Development Survey; which has been developed by PDP (Professional DynaMetric Programs). This unique assessment tool not only helps people understand themselves and their team members, but it also defines and measures strengths and provides an accurate description of a person's natural behavioural style. Many successful organisations are using ProScan© to help them understand and develop their people, to hire and put the right people in the right positions, and to develop strong teams. It is a proven fact that when people are placed in positions that suit their natural persona, their stress levels reduce and satisfaction and performance increases − not only for them but for anyone who works with them, or manages them!

How people hire today

It is worth considering how most businesses hire staff today. For example, many pharmacies currently recruit a Retail Manager by simply promoting the person that the manager/owner likes the best. Sometimes a Pharmacist will promote the best Pharmacy Assistant to the role of Retail Manager. This is the equivalent of a plumber being promoted to the role of foreman. The technical knowledge is a prerequisite, but there is an entirely new skill of managing people. The skills required for the two jobs are therefore different and this type of decision making process doesn't always work out very well. Managing people is not the same as serving customers. They are different skill sets. Some businesses go as far as having potential candidates undertake a psychometric test. This is an excellent step forward, but it doesn't match the candidate (or staff member) to the role. This is the ProScan© difference.

What benefits can I expect by using ProScan©

What are the outputs of ProScan©?

What does a ProScan© survey cost?

Each survey costs AUD$249

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Free Job Description - Pharmacy Assistant

Free downloads of Job Description, Interview Guides for Experienced and In- Experienced Pharmacy Assistants. Having a good Job Description for your most common staff role is critical. Hire the right people by using ProScan©.


Free Interview Guide - Retail Manager

Retailer Manager is the key OTC role in Pharmacy. Getting the right person to drive the non-dispensary part is business critical. An interview guide helps the process. You'll also find a Job Description, template letters and the Interview Guide. They are all free. Make getting the right person easier by having the most likely candidate complete a ProScan© survey.


Free Template Letters – Stock Controller

The importance of finding the right person to manage and control your largest expense can’t be under stated. Template letters can help speed the process of finding a new Stock Controller. Not only that, but we also have a Job Description and an Interview Guide - all free! Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person by doing a ProScan© survey.


ProScan© Fact Sheet

Discover some key facts about ProScan© and how the process works. This is a simple one page document designed to give you more confidence in the outputs. Experience the benefits of ProScan© a detailed 20 page document, a phone call and 'read back' for 20 minutes or an e-mail summary. Invest in your business now by registering and get the right people in the right roles.